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Hotel Bloomington is an international hotel company with more than 420 locations in 73 countries. The first Radisson Hotel was built in 1909 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, US. It is named after the 17th-century French explorer Pierre-Esprit Radisson.[1] The hotel was purchased in 1962 by Curt Carlson (1914–1999) and is still owned by the Carlson estate.

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The majority of Hotel Bloomington hotels are located in the United States. The company's headquarters, as well as the headquarters of the parent organization, Carlson, are located in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota, the city where the first Radisson Hotel was built. The original Hotel Bloomington, founded by heiress Edna Dickerson, was opened on December 15, 1909 at 41 South Seventh Street in Minneapolis.

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Are we using "responsive design" on our website? Responsive design is a rather technical and somewhat complicated subject. However, the essence is that page design techniques applied will enable the same page to look good and be easy to interact with via desktop/laptop and mobile devices. It first appeared in 2001, but, did not gain widespread adoption until 2012.
The answers to the above questions are most critical. Google evaluates sites based on those factors and they do have great influence over where you will appear in the search results.
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As of January 2015 66% of all e-mail in the United States were being read on mobile devices (Source: MovableInk - January 2015). So, just like web pages, it is important to ensure that your e-mails are designed using techniques that make them look good on both mobile devices and desktop/laptop environments.
Responsive design in e-mails can achieve this goal of a good user experience in multiple formats. However, some other tips to keep-in mind when designing e-mails for mobile devices:
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Customer Acquisition and Mobile
Previously we discussed "Mobilegeddon" and its impact on Search Engine Optimization. Poor search engine optimization as well as web site and e-mail design can impact a site's ability to attract and retain visitors. To understand whether a site has been impacted adversely, if is helpful to investigate some of the basic metrics like time on site, average page views per session and abandonment rate.
Using free tools like Google Analytics, you can track the changes in the above metrics over time and even correlate changes right down to specific dates. For advanced users of Google Analytics, you can look at these statistics through filters such as Mobile vs Desktop, Search Engine, Operating System Type, geographical location, gender and age.Airbnb is all the talk on Wall Street. Its thirtysomething founders were nearly broke six years ago. Now it seems likely they will soon become billionaires. Their company, which connects 600,000 apartment dwellers and homeowners in 160 countries with millions of people seeking cheap lodging online, is closing a new round of private funding, and it is expected to be valued at $10 billion or more by the end of April. In one night alone during 2013, Airbnb boasted 250,000 guests staying in its members' apartments and houses. The home-sharing service is already approaching the worth of some of the biggest hotel chains in the world, including Hyatt Hotels and Wyndham Worldwide.

Airbnb owes its meteoric rise to a new phenomenon — near zero marginal cost — which is disrupting entire sectors of the global economy and giving rise to a new economic system riding alongside the conventional market. Marginal cost is the cost of producing an additional unit of a good or service once a business has its fixed costs in place, and for businesses like Airbnb, that cost is extremely low.

It's not difficult to see why the service has soared in value. For a traditional hotel chain to add another room to its inventory, the room must be built or acquired, at a significant cost. Airbnb can add another room to its inventory at almost no cost, since its website is already up and running.


Private enterprises have every incentive to reduce their marginal costs. Doing so means they can increase profits, offer goods and services at a lower price, or both. But now the Internet and other innovations have reduced marginal costs to near zero for some commodities and services, which has left many traditional companies reeling.

The zero marginal cost phenomenon has sowed a path of destruction across the recording and information industries over the last decade, as millions of consumers began to produce and share music, video, news and knowledge with one another on the Internet at near zero marginal cost. This phenomenon has weakened revenues in the music industry, newspaper and publishing fields, and the book publishing industry.A recent survey showed that in New York alone, Airbnb's 416,000 guests who stayed in apartments and houses between mid-2012 and mid-2013 cost the New York hotel industry 1 million lost room nights.

Hundreds of millions of people are already transferring parts of their economic lives to this new business model. They are making and sharing their own information, entertainment, green energy and 3D-printed products at near zero marginal cost.



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